Why are steam boilers widely used?

steam boiler

The boiler is known to be the most crucial part of every processing industry. It plays a very important role in the manufacturing industry. The performance of a factory majorly depends upon its boilers. Choosing the right one for you will improve the operating performance by a great deal and will result in profitable business.

Steam boiler manufacturer needs to ensure the safety of the boiler they are producing because if failed it is nothing but an explosive bomb. We at Rakhoh offer Boilers with the right capability by deciding the correct heat/steam loads based on the component’s process parameters. For the exact steam requirement, it is better to get a process auditing done. Almost all industries require a boiler for their successful and smooth functioning.

Manufacturers of boilers ensure that they work according to the requirement of the respective industry. Boilers are a major component of industries like:-

1) Breweries & Distilleries

2) Food & Beverage Processing Plants

3) Commercial Laundry Facilities

4) Textile Manufacturing Facilities

5) Power generation

6) Rice Mill

7) Refinery and petrochemicals

8) Pharmaceutical

9) Mil Dairy

10) Sugar and Jaggery

Steam boiler manufacturers keep the safety of boilers as their priority. They have safety valves in them which allow the escape of steam in case of malfunctioning or any failure of machinery which helps to avoid any mishaps. There are major processing industries totally dependent upon Boilers for their smooth functioning. So, for the overall safety, the design and the material used for the manufacturing of the boiler matters the most. Rakhoh not only delivers high-quality product but also ensures safety and well-being for everyone that will be using them in future.

Rakhoh as a Gas boiler manufacturer has 3000+ successful installations. They are one of the leading boiler industries in India. A boiler mainly ensures an uninterrupted supply of steam that is used by different industries for different purposes. In breweries, it is used for heating the large kettles where beer is brewed in batches. At some places, it is used for creating enough hot water for sanitization and sterilization. In dairy product-related industries its use is to deliver enough heat for pasteurization. Many chemical and petrochemical industries need to ensure that the solutions are kept at precise temperatures and this is done with the help of boilers.

Manufacturers of boilers know that there are several boiler accessories too that come into use. A technical breakdown or a small fault can be fixed with the help of boiler accessories. These are also manufactured along with boilers in our manufacturing units.

Gas boiler manufacturer also has textile industries as their clients. The manufacturing process for textiles needs a constant supply of hot water and steam. Boilers help textile mills meet varying demands, lower fuel costs, and improve efficiency. Laundries and cleaning firms represent two of the most prominent ways in which steam from industrial boilers can be used. In simple terms, it’s much easier to get rid of dirt and stains when the washing water is at higher temperatures. From the pre-treatment and dyeing in the textile industry to finishing the product, the boiler will help you in delivering steam and hot water. Remember it helps you get the precise temperature at all times according to your requirement.

Manufacturers of boilers know that electrical heating would be wildly inefficient. Especially in any large industrial laundry or cleaning business. Hence, this higher temperature in these industries is achieved by using these boilers.

Steam boiler manufacturers know about the varied use of boilers in Industries for Meat processing, Poultry processing, Beverage processing, Food processing and packaging, Vegetable processing, etc. Hence, these boilers are designed in a compact manner that makes them easy to use. These industries need a regular supply of steam to do their business.

The steam can also be utilized for a wide range of processes, such as ironing, pressing, finishing, etc. Installing Boilers helps you in many ways. You will be able to meet varying demands of production efficiently.


I would like to conclude by pointing out that the majority of the industries need boilers. It helps Industries in running their business smoothly and act as the backbone of their industry. The constant requirement of heat or steam will never go away. Be it the cleaning process or keeping certain things at a fixed temperature, boilers play a vital role in every field. Thorough research about them will tell you that it can be used from a small to a larger capacity job. The future for the Boilers industry is bright as the need for boilers is always going to increase with the ever-growing processing and other industries.

Boiler for textile Industry

Steam boiler manufacturer

The textile manufacturing industry requires an uninterrupted supply of hot water and steam. Rakhoh boilers manufacture top Quality boilers for the textile industry that help this textile industry to keep up with the fluctuating demands, significantly lowers the fuel cost, and helps in improving efficiency and more.

Steam boiler plays a significant role in the manufacturing of textile. Steam Boiler is widely used for:

• Pre-treatment

• Dyeing

• Printing and finishing

It is really important to install reliable boilers like the ones Rakhoh manufactures for better efficiency and profits.

Steam is a vaporized state of water that is utilized in multiple ways. It has heat energy and it can be transferred into a variety of processes.

A quick guide on “How to select the best boilers for your textile business” will give you some insights about it.

1. Finding out the capacity of your boiler: Some major factors impact the boiler capacity like the heat loss in the pipeline, self-used heat of boiler room, available used waste heat. Keep in mind the steam is wasted while traveling inside a pipeline when that is transported from one place to another in an industry.

2. The heating supply medium: In the textile industry for heating supply usually steam boilers are used. But in case if large hot water demands, steam boiler and hot water boiler both can be used.

3. Try finding out the boiler heating parameters which include pressure, temperature, etc. Every characteristic of a boiler is crucial in determining its performance in the future.

4. Determine the boiler efficiency. The efficiency of the boiler plays a major role in bringing in profits. It is one of the major things that cannot be compromised. Thermal efficiency needs to be very high to ensure better performance.

Every major Textile industry wants their Boiler to be efficient, safe, and have the capability to help grow their business. An investment in the boiler is going to give you a lot of profit in return. As Boilers are the backbone of any industry that you name. In the textile industry the major part of procedures like pre-treatment of cloth, dyeing, printing, and finishing involve the use of Steam Boilers.

The steam helps in the pre-treatment of the textile and prepares it for further procedure. When dyeing takes place, it is important to ensure it is not uneven. Many responsibilities come with this part. Rakhoh ensures the customers with the best-manufactured steam boilers that ensure there is no chance of any problem during the entire procedure.

The solid fuel boilers available in a wide variety give you options to select the best for your textile industry. No matter the size of the industry that you want to set up, Rakhoh has always been successful in fulfilling all the requirements of all the esteemed clients that it has.

Multifuel Boilers provide you with many fuel options to choose from adding onto already many options of solid fuel that were already available.

The steam boilers help the textile industry from the starting till the end. After ensuring even dyeing of the textile as per choice, Steam boiler has a say in its printing and finishing of the cloth too. Steam Boiler becomes indispensable equipment in this industry. So, the selection of the right type of boiler becomes more and more important.

Rakhoh has helped 30+ textile clients with the successful installation of boilers ranging from 750 kg/hr to 10 TPH. This shows the great range we can deliver to providing them with equal service and support. Boilers are manufactured keeping in mind the safety of everyone around it. The boilers have safety valves in case anything gets wrong because of some error, still, the boiler will let the steam get off without causing any problem.

Rakhoh’s commitment to work on innovative technologies gets bigger and better with each passing day. We successfully continue our record of 0 failures since inception day. The credit for this success goes to every member of Rakhoh family that works 24×7 ensuring the safety, security, and Quality of every single boiler that we manufacture. They go through very tight scrutiny and that is why they are one of the best boilers available.

Indian Oil Corporation Ltd Project

Last financial year we got Trunkey Project of Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. Supply of 12 TPH 02 Nos Steam Boiler and all Accessaries with 52 Meter Chimney at Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. Trombay, Mumbai.

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