Membrane X Boiler

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Product Range:- 1 TPH to 20 TPH.

Pressure Range:- 10.54  kg/cm² to 32 kg/cm².

  • Combination of smoke tube + water tube boiler + adequate refactory work.
  • A wide range of fuel bigger furnace volume.
  • Unique four sides/ two sides/ five side water wall design provide higher heat transfer in radiation zone and lower fuel gas entry temp in convective zone ensure longer life & better efficiency.
  • Combuster suitable for firing a wide range of solid fuel like bubbling bed, fluidised bed, dumping grate, pulsating grate, chain grate, horizontal reciprocating grate.
  • Furnace partition for different fuel feeding arrangements.
  • Efficiency up to 82 % ± 2 %*
  • Under bed, over bed feeding arrangement.
  • In bed coils arrangement.
  • Submerged ash handling unit arrangement.


Membrane Boiler is highly effective and preferred in large-scale industries. Rakhoh’s ‘Membrane X’ is an excellent Membrane Panel Boiler to meet the precise demands of processing plants. Our Membrane Panel Boiler serves the benefit of both smoke tube and water tube boiler.

Rakhoh’s Membrane boiler burns with various fuels with high efficiency. Our membrane boiler model ‘Membrane X’ has a unique four sides/two side/five sides water wall design with submerged ash handling unit. With its furnace partition for feeding different fuels, installing this membrane panel boiler is a wise choice for various industries.


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