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We are a diversified group, and our core areas of work include sectors such as

  1. Water treatment
  2. Wind energy
  3. Solar energy
  4. Captive power
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Water Treatment

Rakhoh offers cost-effective solutions for Industrial Water Treatment. The demand for fresh/pure water has been consistently increasing at a rapid pace due to globalization. At Rakhoh, we offer services for Full fledged turnkey solutions comprising Design, Inspection, Engineering, Supply, Procurement, Construction, Commissioning, Installation, Operation, and Maintenance on a Turnkey basis along with a process guarantee. Our organization is focused on providing eco-friendly, low-cost innovative treatment solutions for industrial water treatment.

Rakhoh, with its strength as an industry-leading global EPC firm with specialized water and wastewater engineering capabilities offers clients an integrated project plan. It leads to a comprehensive approach that ensures value to clients particularly related to water management on their site. Integrating the water and wastewater facilities into the self-perform scope of services improves cost and execution predictability and avoids any process issues.

With 6000+ Municipal and Industrial projects, Rakhoh has successfully treated 100000 m3/hr. of water

Wind Energy

The installation of wind turbines is one of the many steps that are included in creating an effective wind energy site. Purchasing appropriate components, building the electrical infrastructure, and accessing the site are some of the crucial steps. For complete end-to-end installation, Rakhoh provides an all-in-one Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) solution on time, on budget, and exceeding expectations.

As a globally active company with more than 39 years of experience, we have the expertise and logistics to develop complex projects. We combine different technologies like wind turbines, photovoltaic plants, and energy storage systems, delivering projects in different countries and under different sets of laws and regulations, and in environmentally sensitive areas.

We have built 800 plants with 4 GW released, and 19 GW Development Pipeline

Solar Energy

An ideal renewable energy plant begins with designing. We understand your requirements by conducting a site survey and determining the weather conditions. Our experts monitor the appropriate power generation capacity for the site depending on the area and electricity consumption with the appropriate equipment. We deliver the engineering design and integrate our operational and maintenance platform for the proposed renewable energy plant.

Our international projection and knowledge acquired in services and EPC solutions worldwide during our 39+ years of experience assure the viability of our customers’ projects. Rakhoh offers in-depth knowledge and great control of each stage of the project, including commissioning, and ensures the ability to offer better lead times and tighter prices than if we depended on third parties.

To date, we have installed 116 PV plants globally and avoided 3 million tonnes of CO2

Captive Power

Rakhoh offers solutions for power plants, captive cogeneration, and utilities in an efficient manner. Delivered at market-leading prices, it is also available depending on the client’s specific requirements, complying with defined industry standards. Apart from assured and complete safety, we also ensure that the installed plants are sustainable. The highly efficient combined heat and power systems (CHP) provided by Rakhoh, also called cogeneration systems, are the solution for reducing carbon emissions by nearly half.

Our proficiency in delivering captive power plants with the least life cycle cost has made Rakhoh the preferred EPC partner for industries. We ensure high fuel efficiency along with minimal losses due to the transmission of electricity from centralized power plants as well as improved environmental performance due to fuel efficiency.

We design and engineer custom captive power solutions up to 50MW.