Wind Energy Plant

For complete end-to-end installation, Rakhoh provides an all-in-one Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) solution on time, on budget, and exceeding expectations. As a globally active company with more than 39 years of experience, we have the expertise and logistics to develop complex projects. We combine different technologies like wind turbines, photovoltaic plants, and energy storage systems, delivering projects in different countries and under different sets of laws and regulations, and in environmentally sensitive areas. Rakhoh is proficient in the manufacturing of windmill parts and owns few windmills in Rajasthan.

Wind power generation refers to getting the electrical energy by conversion of wind energy into rotational energy of the blades and converting the rotating energy into electrical energy by the generator. Wind energy increases with the cube of the wind speed, therefore a wind turbine generator should be installed in the higher wind speed area. Wind energy is a renewable source of energy and is available all around the globe. Wind turbines are designed to harness natural resources. Wind turbines can operate from 14km/hr. to 90km/hr. of wind speed, and are being globally used widely. 

India’s wind energy sector has shown consistent progress. The expansion of the wind industry has led to a strong ecosystem, project operation capabilities, and manufacturing base of about 10,000 MW per annum. The country currently has the fourth-highest wind installed capacity worldwide with a total installed capacity of 39.25 GW (as on 31st March 2021), generating around 60.149 Billion Units during 2020-21.

The Advantages of Wind Energy Plant:

  • Air is a free and inexhaustible fuel.
  • It is a clean source of energy without harming the environment.
  • Low cost of electricity and wind turbine can be utilized for more than 20 years
  • It is economical as only the installation and maintenance cost is required.

The Applications of Wind Energy Plant:

  • It is mostly used for electricity generation.
  • It is also used for water pumping with a multi-blade turbine.