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Rakhoh Projects At A Glance

Founded over 39 years ago, we are a leading EPC company in India that ensures a seamless journey from Idea to Execution. The credit for our core strength goes to our human resources and our qualified engineers, managers, and technocrats of Rakhoh. We take pride in completing various projects throughout our journey.

We are present across the length and breadth of India with our major offices in over 13 cities. We have also made our global presence with operations in over 30+ countries.

We offer the complete spectrum of engineering, procurement, and construction services for the water treatment, wind energy, solar energy, and captive power right from concept to detailed design, fully-integrated self-perform construction, and start-up. By monitoring the critical path, integrating teams, and managing project risks, Rakhoh has reduced the time it takes to successfully deliver projects to our clients.

We have proudly assisted our clients in achieving significant cost savings including reductions in bulk material quantities as well as equipment expenses and direct and indirect costs of construction through value engineering and optimized designs.

We are a diversified group, and our core areas of work include sectors such as:

Our Comprehensive EPC Solutions

Engineering And Design

Our team of engineers in Rakhoh is proficient in their respective fields of expertise. They plan and execute together to develop extensive solutions to meet client objectives. We are the leader in delivering detailed engineering services to heavy industrial clients globally. By blending our state-of-the-art fabrication services with engineering expertise, we provide best-in-class service quality around the world.

We ensure innovative engineering services with experienced professional engineers, flexible options to complete projects, timely services, and a low-cost structure


Rakhoh’s EPC ensures procurement knowledge with the expertise of the market and global supply chain networks for delivering the best value for clients' capital investments. Our material management experts assure execution excellence by managing the quality and timely delivery of equipment from the manufacturer or supplier to the job site.

Rakhoh’s team handles the transportation of material and equipment from supplier and fabrication facilities to the project site, fulfilling the needs of today's globally sourced projects.


Our experience in project management and extensive knowledge of engineering, procurement, manufacturing, and construction processes leads to manufacturing and construction strategies for cost and schedule benefits. Rakhoh provides a wide range of Manufacturing and EPC services. We work closely with our client’s engineering, maintenance, and inspection teams in providing system design, deployment, and integration.

Our manufacturing service includes specialist welding piping and structural welding solutions, structural, fittings, and piping construction, piping and vessel insulation, machining and fabrication, repairs and installations of pumps and rotation equipment, and plant shutdowns and ongoing maintenance work.


As a company, we ensure our capability to deliver complex, logistically challenging projects anywhere in the world. Our global network of construction resources facilitates effective skilled construction teams and advanced methodologies in our projects. We integrate complete construction in every phase of a project, from early project planning, engineering and procurement, to construction and start-up. By executing it at the front end of a project, our expertise enhances performance throughout all project execution phases.

Experienced planning and execution support the efficient use of minimum inventory and can accelerate the project schedule. We utilize highly integrated construction automation tools to enhance work planning and efficiency in the field.


We operate with the highest safety standards to deliver sustainable, measurable value to reduce capital outlays and increase productivity and improve operational performance. We provide multi-disciplined engineering and project management services for our clients from concept through front-end engineering (FEED) to detailed engineering and design. Maintenance is a crucial part of all phases of the asset life cycle. We analyze the client’s maintenance approach in-depth to optimize the maintenance program for the type of production.

We ensure world-class maintenance to help reduce risks and minimize overall maintenance costs without compromising the safety of on-site. Whereas, for off-site, we cost-efficiently plan and execute maintenance-related work for the clients.

IT Infrastructure

IT infrastructure in engineering is the need of the hour. To achieve the best results, the design process needs to be planned carefully and executed systematically. The engineering design process must integrate several different aspects of design so that the whole process becomes logical and comprehensible. At Rakhoh, we carry out our engineering and product planning by using advanced IT tools to ensure quality and accuracy.


Rakhoh has always placed precision and planning at its topmost priority. Therefore, to provide the best EPC solutions, we use company-owned software for piping network analysis, 3D modeling for piping, electrical, instrumentation and structural, structural analysis and design, and pipe stress analysis.