Steam Bolier Manufacturer

Steam Boiler Manufacturer for Seamless Operations in Process Industries

As a leading steam boiler manufacturer in India, we understand the vital importance of steam in the process industries for generating steam for heating and drying operations.

Steam boiler is a closed vessel that generates steam by ignition of fuels and heating the water present in it that results in producing steam at the desired pressure and temperature. A steam boiler mainly includes a shell, furnace, grate, accessories, mountings, and safety valves.

Boiler manufacturing depends on the needs and demands of industries and the requirements in regards to size, space, capacity range, and fuels. The utilization of steam varies in different industries, for example, the Paper and Packaging sector uses internally heated steamrolls to provide papers of uniform quality, the Rubber industries require steam for the process of vulcanization to manufacture sturdy and durable rubber, the steam heats the Hydrotreaters, Crude Distillation Unit (CDU), Vacuum Distillation Unit (VDU) in refineries and so on. Steam Boilers are also widely used for generating power with the help of turbines in cogeneration plants.

It is, therefore, essential to install steam boilers that are efficient and reliable in the process industries. Efficiency has a remarkable impact on the overall performance of boilers and resultantly on the total expenditure of the industry. Combustion efficiency calculates the effectiveness of heating of fuels, whereas thermal efficiency determines the heat exchanged in the boiler by assessing the heat transfer from the combustion to water.

Rakhoh is one of the trusted and reputed brands as steam boiler manufacturers in India and abroad. We manufacture highly efficient industrial steam boilers with product capacity ranging from 1 TPH to 50 TPH and pressure range of up to 87 kg/cm2 that work with different fuels for comprehensive solutions for process industries.